Electronic Circuits - I

Electronic Circuits - I

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Transistor Biasing Operating point-Bias stability-Collector-to-base bias or Collector-feedback bias-Emitter feedback bias-Collector emitter feedback bias-self bias-emitter bias or voltage divider bias-Stabilization against variations in VBE and b for the self bias circuit-general remarks on collector current stability-bias compensation-Biasing Circuits for linear Intergrated Circuits. Thermistor and sensistor compensation. Thermal Runaway-Thermal Stability. Biasing the FET. Small Signal Low Frequency Models Small signal transistor model: Transistor hybrid model - Determination of the h-parameters from the characteristics - Measurements of h-parameters-conversion formulas for the parameters of the three transistor configurations. Analysis of transistor amplifier circuit using h-parameters. Comparison of transistor amplifier configuration. Low frequency transistor amplifier. Cascading transistor amplifier - Simplified calculation for CB, CE, and CC configurations - Emitter follower - Millers theorem - High input resistant transistor circuits - Cascode transistor configuration - Difference amplifier. FET small signal model - MOSFET - common source amplifier - Common drain amplifier - Generalized FET amplifier. High Frequency Models High frequency T model - CB and CE short circuit current frequency response - Alpha cut-off frequency - Hybrid p CE transistor model - Hybrid p conductance's in terms of low frequency h-parameters - CE short circuit current gain obtained with the hybrid p model - Current gain with resistive load - Transistor amplifier response - High frequency response of a FET stage. Large Signal Amplifiers Class A large signal amplifier - Second harmonic distortion - Higher order harmonic generation - Transformer coupled audio power amplifier - Shift of dynamic load line - Efficiency - Push pull amplifiers - Class B amplifiers - Class AB operation. RC coupled amplifier - Low frequency response of an RC coupled stage - Cascaded CE transistors - Step response of an amplifier - Band pass of cascaded stages - Effect of emitter or a source bypass capacitor on low frequency response. Power Supplies Half-wave, Full-wave and bridge rectification. Harmonic components of rectifier circuits L, C Filters, approximate analysis of capacitor filters - L and p section filters - Voltage regulation using zener diode elements of regulated power supply system - Stabilization - Emitter follower regulator - Series and shunt voltage regulators - Practical considerations.What is the modification done to alter it to function as a class AB amplifier ? What is ... To alter it as class AB, small forward bias is applied to the bases of two transistors. ... Q.35 Draw the circuit diagram of transformer coupled class A Amplifier.

Title:Electronic Circuits - I
Author:A.P.Godse, U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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