Electronic Circuit Guidebook

Electronic Circuit Guidebook

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Electro-optics is the marriage of electronics and optics to form a wide variety of instruments, circuits, and devices with a large number of uses. The qelectric eyeq used by the shopkeeper to alert when customers arrive is an electro-optical device. Other devices include industrial production machinery, scientific and medical instruments, television cameras, and many others. Electronic Circuit Guidebook, Volume 4: Electro-Optics is mostly about E-O sensors-those electronic transducers that convert light waves into a proportional voltage, current or resistance. The coverage of the sensors is wide enough to allow you to understand the physics behind the theory of operation of the device, and also the circuits used to make these sensors into useful devices. This book examines the photoelectric effect, photoconductivity, photovoltaics, and PN junction photodiodes and phototransistors. Also examined is the operation of lenses, mirrors, prisms, and other optical elements keyed to light physics. After discussing the basic sensors and optical elements, the book examines other devices including optoisolators, optical fibers, X-ray sensors, TV sensors and some additional optical instruments such as telescopes and scientific instruments. The circuits for using sensors in E-O instruments, and for interfacing them with computers, are also discussed in sufficient depth to allow you to apply them to practical situations. This book is intended to teach the physics and operation of E-O devices, them proceed to circuits and methods for actual application of the devices in real situations.Homemade. LED. Optocoupler. An optocoupler is a device that provides ac and dc isolation between two circuits, while still coupling a signal between them. Figure 5-18 shows both the circuit and the mechanical configuration method foranbsp;...

Title:Electronic Circuit Guidebook
Author:Joseph J. Carr
Publisher:Prompt - 1997


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