Electromagnetic Fields are Dynamic

Electromagnetic Fields are Dynamic

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Six Ideas That Shaped Physics is consistent with the three basic principles of the IUPP: The pace of the introductory course should be reduced so that a broader range of students can achieve an acceptable level of competence and satisfaction; there should be more contemporary physics in the course; and the course should use one or more story lines to help organize ideas and help motivate student interest. The author adds three principles of his own to help round-out this exceptional outlook: The course should seek to embrace the best of what educational research has taught us about conceptual and structural problems with the standard course; the course should stake out a middle ground between the standard introductory course and exciting but radical courses that require a substantial investment in infrastructure and/or training; and the course should be useful in fairly standard environments and should be easy for teachers to understand and adopt. This carefully organized system of learning aims to assist students gain confidence as they proceed to more difficult concepts.(e) lead cell battery light bulb resistor Figure E6.1: Conventional circuit-diagram symbols for various circuit elements. ... Circuit elements are represented in a circuit diagram by conventional symbols that are both suggestive of the element in question and easy to draw. ... Technically, the word resistor refers to a circuit element specially manufactured to have a well-defined and nearly constant resistance.

Title:Electromagnetic Fields are Dynamic
Author:Thomas A. Moore
Publisher:McGraw-Hill College - 1998-01-01


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