Electromagnetic Field Theory Fundamentals

Electromagnetic Field Theory Fundamentals

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This book presents a new, student-oriented perspective on the study of electromagnetic fields. It has been built from the ground up using: clear explanations of basic concepts (with coverage of vector analysis as needed), numerous exercises, worked examples, review questions, and chapter-ending summaries ( with equations) that effectively bridge the gap between formal theories and their practical applications. The rsult is a uniquely student-oriented text that builds student's problem-solving skills and an intuitive understanding of the subject. The book begins (in Chapter 1-6) with an introduction to static fields, such as electrostatic fields, magnetostatic fields, and fields produced by steady currents. The book presents developments of Maxwell's equations in both the time and phasor (frequency) domains in Chapter 7, and then deals with the propagation, transmission, and radiation of electromagnetic fields in a medium under various constraints.

Title:Electromagnetic Field Theory Fundamentals
Author:Bhag S. Guru, Hüseyin R. Hızıroğlu
Publisher:Pws Publishing Company - 1998


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