Electrodeposition of Alloys

Electrodeposition of Alloys

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Electrodeposition of Alloys: Principles and Practice, Volume I covers the general and theoretical aspects of the electrodeposition of alloy containing silver and/or copper. This book is organized into three parts encompassing 21 chapters. The first part considers first the history of electrodeposition, the applications of electrodeposited alloys, and the practical considerations involved in electrodeposition. This part also deals with the effect of operating variables on composition of electrodeposited alloys, and the physico-chemical properties of the alloy. The second part focuses on the theoretical aspects of alloy electrodeposition. This part includes discussions on the role of cathode diffusion layer, the effects of complexing agents, and the concept of alloy plating. The third part discusses the practical aspects of the electrodeposition of alloys, focusing primarily on the electrodeposition of alloys from aqueous solutions. This part examines first brass and bronze plating, followed by the electrodeposition of copper-tin, silver, and iron containing alloys. This book is directed toward electrochemists and researchers.C Immersion Processes The deposition of copper on a piece of zinc immersed in a copper sulfate solution is one of ... The metallic part of the deposit was shown by X-rays to consist of copper along with alpha brass and sometimes beta brass.

Title:Electrodeposition of Alloys
Author:Abner Brenner
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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