Electrical Measurements

Electrical Measurements

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Units and DimensionsReview of fundamental and derived units. S.I. units. Dimensional equations, Problems.Measurement of Resistance, Inductance, and CapacitanceWheatstone's bridge - Sensitivity analysis, Limitations, Kelvin's double bridge. Earth resistance measurement using Megger. Measurement of earth resistance by fall of potential method, Anderson's bridge, Schering bridge, Sources and detectors, Shielding of bridges, Problems. Extension of Instrument RangesShunts and multipliers. Construction and theory of instrument transformers. Equations for ratio and phase angle errors of C.T. and P.T. Turns compensation, illustrative examples.Measurement of Power and Related ParametersDynamometer wattmeter. LPF wattmeter. Measurement of real and reactive power in three phase circuits. Induction type energy meter - construction, theory, errors, adjustments and calibration. Principle of working of electronic energy meter.Construction and operation of electro-dynamometer single-phase power factor meter. Weston frequency meter and phase sequence indicator.Electronic InstrumentsTrue RMS responding voltmeter, Electronic multimeters, Digital voltmeters, Q meter. Dual trace oscilloscope - front panel details of a typical dual trace oscilloscope. Method of measuring amplitude, phase, frequency, period. Use of Lissajous patterns. Working of a digital storage oscilloscope.TransducersClassification and selection of transducers, Strain gauges, LVDT. Temperature measurements. Photoconductive and photo-voltaic cells. Interfacing resistive transducers to electronic circuits. Introduction to data acquisition systems.Display Devices and Signal GeneratorsX-Y recorders, Nixie tubes LCD and LED displays, Signal generators and function generators.Units and DimensionsReview of fundamental and derived units.

Title:Electrical Measurements
Author:A.V.Bakshi U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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