Electric Power Generation

Electric Power Generation

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Unlike more technical texts stuffed with formulae and theories, this book explains in plain English how power is created and replaces formulae with everyday examples and easy-to-understand illustrations. It opens with an explanation of how electricity is generated, then covers the planning and development of electric power stations, emphasizing modern considerations of merchant power plants, repowering, and the growth of gas turbine generation. The qfactsq of generation are covered in part twoa€”boilers, turbines, generators, hydro and pumped storage, and qalternativeq generations sources, suchs geothermal, tidal, solar, and wind. Maintenance and operations are covered in basic overview format. Finally, environmental considerationsa€”again, an increasing concern in light of deregulation and environmental lawa€”are reviewed. In addition, the authors cover specific features and fuel-types in nontechnical terms. Industry newcomers will appreciate this clear explanation of how power is created.A Nontechnical Guide Dave Barnett, Kirk Bjornsgaard. Classic Considerations field surrounds every cell in the human body. The difference is that these phenomena are continuous while electric currents in power stations and in household ... The cord of a household appliance which is plugged in but not turned on has a slight electric field, mostly between the wires. ... The study was headed by the National Cancer Institute and findings were reported in the New EnglandJournal ofanbsp;...

Title:Electric Power Generation
Author:Dave Barnett, Kirk Bjornsgaard
Publisher:PennWell Books - 2000-01-01


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