Eh-pH Diagrams for Geochemistry

Eh-pH Diagrams for Geochemistry

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At last geochemists are offered one comprehensive reference book which gives the Eh-pH diagrams for 75 elements found in the earth's surface environment, including transuranic and other radioactive species. For each of these newly calculated diagrams short explanatory texts are added. For the first time the primary elements are considered in water with metal, sulfur, carbon, and other species as appropriate. Furthermore, based on these figures and up-to-date thermodynamic data presented in this reference, researchers can predict the behavior of elements in the surface environment. Geoscientists, chemists and environmental agencies will also benefit from several brief texts on the importance of various elements to problems of radioactive waste disposal.2 (CO 3 3 The EhpH diagram for Lu species (Fig. 66) showslarge fields for Lu(OH )3 and Lu3+, and onlyavery small, but important, field for Lu2(CO 3)3. The aqueousspecies Lu(OH) 4 aˆ’probably plots in the Eh pH spacebut no thermodynamicanbsp;...

Title:Eh-pH Diagrams for Geochemistry
Author:Douglas G. Brookins
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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