Egypt's Lost Spring

Egypt's Lost Spring

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An Egyptian diplomat-turned-scholar provides a detailed analysis of events from the fall of Mubarak through the aftermath of the 2013 military move to oust Egypt's first democratically elected president. a€c Answers a broad array of questions posed by those who continue to be puzzled by the tangled web of events that occurred during this period a€c Approaches the cause of Egypt's rebellion from multiple angles, including the military, domestic political parties, political Islam, and the greater context of the Arab Spring a€c Looks at why the Islamists came out victorious and what precipitated a shift in public sentiment that induced Egyptians to take to the streets in opposition to the leader they'd elected one year earlier a€c Analyzes whether the military interference was premeditated and whether there was a conspiracy against the nation's first civilian administrationThe questions about the economy showed a similar trend. As the participants were ... These answers emphasized the deterioration in economic conditions due to the political instability that accompanied the transition period. The survey also anbsp;...

Title:Egypt's Lost Spring
Author:Sherif Khalifa
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2015-07-20


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