Efficient Outsourcing

Efficient Outsourcing

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Learn how to avoid the same pitfall that over 90% of the people make when they outsource their projects? If you have outsourced in the past and have not met with the desired results then you must read this qbest practicesq guide.This book tells you about the right methodology to outsource your project and the biggest challenges that you might face. Get a clear understanding about why problems occur in outsourcing and where small business owners fail over and over again.You will learn about the efficient processes and latest tools to outsource your projects while retaining maximum control and ensuring best quality results. Learn how to efficiently short list the best candidates from a pile of hundreds of freelancers and how to leverage their skills for excellent business growth?... text chat are also available in Team Viewer If your virtual worker is having difficulty in performing a specific task despite after repeated instructions. You can connect with their PC though Team Viewer and you can take control of his computer.

Title:Efficient Outsourcing
Author:Mohsin Khawaja
Publisher:mohsin khawaja - 2011-06-30


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