Effective E-mail Clearly Explained

Effective E-mail Clearly Explained

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This text is designed to give e-mail users the tools, information, documentation, and software needed to handle all the possibilities e-mail has to offer. After a chapter on basics, users learn how to find addresses, how to compress and decompress files, and are given the documentation and software for each of the major compression schemes, including Pkunzip; uudecode, binhex, Mime, and more. Then e-mail and the Internet, FTP, and other downloading mechanisms are discussed. This is followed by coverage of aliases, filters, junk e-mail, and hiding yourself. The book then looks at e-mail-to-e-mail transmissions, how they work, why they can fail, and why the recipient matters. There is also a discussion of platform issues and coverage of the major e-mail systems. Finally, the book delves into e-mail security.

Title:Effective E-mail Clearly Explained
Author:Brad Shimmin
Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann Pub - 1997-01-01


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