Educating Economists

Educating Economists

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This volume is an excellent outcome of an American Economic Association Committee for Economic Education project aimed at advancing the teaching of economics within a liberal arts context. Dave Colander and KimMarie McGoldrick assembled a most able panel of contributors for this effort that includes dialogue on what should be taught, how it should be taught, and how that teaching and learning should be assessed and rewarded. To the editors credit, they have not attempted to dictate policy but to stimulate debate on the topics. This volume is a must read for anyone seriously interested in the teaching of economics at the tertiary level. William E. Becker, Indiana University, Bloomington, US The economics major is a central part of a college education. But is that economics major doing what it is meant to do? And if not, how should it be changed? This book raises a set of provocative questions that encourage readers to look at the economics major in a different light than it is typically considered and provides a series of recommendations for change. Responding to a Teagle Foundation initiative on the role of majors in higher education, the contributors eminent economists and administrators consider the relationship between the goals and objectives of the economics major and those of a liberal education. They address questions such as: What is the appropriate training for a person who will be teaching in a liberal arts school? What incentives would motivate the creation of institutional value through teaching and not simply research? They also explore whether the disciplinary nature of undergraduate education is squeezing out the big-think questions, and replacing them with little-think questions, and whether we should change graduate training of economists to better prepare them to be teachers, rather than researchers. Providing a stimulating discussion of the economics major by many of the leaders in US economic education, this book will prove a thought provoking read for those with a special interest in economics and economics education, particularly academics, lecturers, course administrators, students and researchers.The important question is whether PhD programs would try to accommodate such a change in criteria for securing interviews in the ... It could be organized as a six- week a€œsummer institute, a€ with 222 Educating economists: the Teagle discussion.

Title:Educating Economists
Author:David C. Colander, KimMarie McGoldrick
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing - 2010-01-01


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