Economists and the Powerful

Economists and the Powerful

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a€œEconomists and the Powerful: Convenient Theories, Distorted Facts, Ample Rewardsa€ explores the workings of the modern global economy a€“ an economy in which competition has been corrupted and power has a ubiquitous influence upon economic behavior. Based on empirical and theoretical studies by distinguished economists from both the past and present day, this study argues that the true workings of capitalism are very different from the popular myths voiced in mainstream economics. Offering a closer look at the history of economic doctrines a€“ as well as how economists are incentivized a€“ a€œEconomists and the Powerfula€ exposes how, when and why the theme of power was erased from the radar screens of mainstream economic analysis a€“ and the influence this subversive removal has had upon the modern financial world.... theory Dozens of people died as a consequence of faulty Bridgestone tires on Ford Explorer SUVs (sports utility vehicles). ... Only in December 1996 was a contract settled that included provisions to recall all strikers (Krueger and Mas 2004).

Title:Economists and the Powerful
Author:Norbert Häring, Niall Douglas
Publisher:Anthem Press - 2012


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