Economic and Business Analysis

Economic and Business Analysis

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In the 21st century, most students are familiar with microcomputers. This microcomputer skill-intensive text covers major topics in both economic analysis and business analysis. Students will learn how to build complex spreadsheet layouts and perform high-level calculations and analysis intuitively in a non-threatening environment.The probability density function (pdf) for the standard normal distribution is given by p(z) = 1 aˆš 2I€ eaˆ’ z 2 2 a‰i N(0, 1) for aˆ’ aˆž alt; z alt; aˆž, (6.29) where I€ = 3.14159... and e = 2.718281.... They are mathematical constants obtainable in Excel asanbsp;...

Title:Economic and Business Analysis
Author:Frank S. T. Hsiao
Publisher:World Scientific - 2011


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