Ecology and Behavior

Ecology and Behavior

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This selected paperback binding of the Eighth Edition of Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life gives instructors the option of purchasing a shorter text covering selected excerpted topics. Six paperbacks are available: Cell Biology and Genetics, Evolution of Life, Diversity of Life, Plant Structure and Function, Animal Structure and Function, and Ecology and Behavior. Ecology and Behavior covers Unit VII (Ecology and Behavior) and contains a customized table of contents and the back matter from Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life. The Ecology and Behavior volume includes population ecology, communities, ecosystems, biosphere, human impact on the biosphere, and behavior.48.8 Self-Quiz (Answers in Appendix IV) c. one trophic level d. a and b 1. ... and describe an extreme situation in which you would be a participant in a food chain rather than a food web. 2. Marguerite ... Selected Key Terms ammonification 48.8 anbsp;...

Title:Ecology and Behavior
Author:Cecie Starr, Ralph Taggart
Publisher:Wadsworth Publishing Company - 1998


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