Eclipse of the Blue

Eclipse of the Blue

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For the qRetired Blues Crewq, a small group of retired LAPD police officers that meet once a month to share old war stories and enjoy each other's company, accepting retirement was a hard pill to swallow. Once considered savvy street warriors who risked life and limb protecting the good citizens of Los Angeles, they were now the forgotten hero's whose past heroic deeds were now only remembrances visited through their colorful story telling during their once a month get-togethers. Like all things in life, they were all expendable and the guys in the qRetired Blues Crewq had been replaced by a new generation of street warriors. To the old dogs who were put out to pasture, the new centurions were taking their places with new technology and a confidence that bordered on disrespect for those who had paved the way before them. The argument that the old days of crushing crime without the benefit of all the new-fangled gadgets was more rewarding than the technology of the future was a misconception of the new breed that were now in charge of protecting the citizens of Los Angeles. For the select group of old story tellers, they needed to add one more chapter in their lives, something for the street warriors of the present to remember them by when their time finally came and they were reduced to second class citizens too old to do the job anymore. This small tight knit group of old street warriors had enough and it was time to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they weren't too old to out-smart and out-wit the high tech rouges who have now taken their places. Proving that computers and gadgets could never replace the wisdom and experience that the old dogs were blessed with wouldn't be an easy task, but they were determined to challenge the new breed and beat them at their own game. They knew whatever it was they were going to do couldn't replicate anything like the violent movies you see were people die, get hurt or cars get wrecked and buildings are blown up, after all they were cops or at least they were once. That being said, the old dogs had to pull off the perfect caper and they had to do it without claiming any of the bragging rights they so much yearned for. It would have to be for no other reason than qFor Greater Glory.q In that one of their own had been diagnosed with cancer with less than six months to live, they only had a small window of opportunity to get it done. Since he was the architect behind the perfect crime referred to as qOperation Blue Eclipse, q their success would depend on how well the plan was executed with no room for error. If all went as planned and after all was said and done, the Retired Blues Crew would truly know who the best of the best was.It was loaded with all the tools he needed for any auto body, painting, and repair work that was required of him as his part in Operation Blue Eclipse. ... Inside on page 58, Elton showed Carlson an ad for a used 1995 Ford F700 Diesel armored truck. ... R1200 GS BMW motorcycle at the far end of the parking lot next to the dark blue 1978 Mazda 323 Hatchback and the green four-door 1982 Honda Accord.

Title:Eclipse of the Blue
Author:D Gray
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-10


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