Easy Money

Easy Money

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Are you in control of your financial destiny? Is your financial house a fortress of calm and stability even in a time of global economic storm? Easy Money gives you the tools and confidence to be your own financial boss. Handling money is akin to putting together a gigantic jigsaw puzzle it requires visualizing and assembling numerous tiny pieces. Regardless of your earnings, you can be your own boss by: spending like millionaires; getting loans on your own terms; having an edge over your peers in education; having the gift to spot business opportunities; buying the right securities and selling at the right time; understanding the intricacies of real estate transactions; keeping your body and teeth in shape to stay out of health clinics; being conscious of what you spend on transportation; and starting early to incubate your nest egg. Yes! Putting together a high net worth cash position takes work. And Easy Money is there to help. Phenomenal wealth is accumulated by those who have the right knowledge the knowledge that creates wealth.... are given below (Consumer Reports, August 2008): Vehicle Honda Insight ( manual) Toyota Prius Toyota Echo Honda Civic ... The annual out-of-pocket cost of operating a vehicle (discussed in section 7.2) are gasoline, maintenance, tires, anbsp;...

Title:Easy Money
Author:Eddie Akpan
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-11


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