East Asia and Globalization

East Asia and Globalization

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This clear and timely book presents the first sustained and structured analysis of globalization in the East Asian context, exploring the strategies used by East Asian countries to cope with the forces of globalization. Eschewing both neoliberal OhyperglobalizationO chants and neorealist OglobaloneyO castigation, the authors integrate a broad conceptual framework with region- and country-specific case studies. Specifically, the book poses and addresses three major questions about East AsiaOs globalization. First, it identifies the range of contending conceptualizations of globalization that have underpinned the regionOs changing and contradictory views in the 1990s. Second, the book critically probes the discrepancy between promise and performance_the myths and realities_of East Asian globalization and the complex interaction of challenges and responses. Third, the authors evaluates the impacts and consequences of globalization for East AsiaOs political, economic, social, cultural, ecological, and security development. These questions clarify the often-murky nature, challenges, responses, and consequences of globalization, especially in light of the Asian financial crisis and moves toward recovery.Foreign direct investment poured in, and the banking system was awash in liquidity. ... Ironically, confirmation of long-standing suspicions of the degree of income inequality was made possible by the growth of the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSE). ... In the end, it was neither the economic nationalists nor the economic populists who posed the greatest challenges to the technocratsa#39; liberal economic policiesanbsp;...

Title:East Asia and Globalization
Author:Samuel S. Kim
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2000-01-01


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