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It was supposed to be fourteen days of peace, tranquility, beautiful high mountain lakes and, according to his friend Dick, some awesome fishing. Fourteen days of relative solitude, away from day to day trappings of civilization. Instead it was two women in serious trouble, men trying to kill him, his medication destroyed and the return of a sixteen year old illness. He was hearing voices again - only this time it was different. This time the voice claimed she was a real, live person on the other side of the planet and she insisted she would do what she could to help him. Now all he needed to do was keep it together long enough to get these women, and himself, back up the trail to the fire lookout and call for help, in the dark and without getting caught or killed by the two men stalking the women.It was no surprise then that ten miles out of Stanley a Cadillac Escalade caught up to Dave and smoothly passed him by. ... This time though, it was nice to be able to enjoy the area without worrying about helping to clean up car parts, and sometimes people parts, ... He made good time and after eighteen miles turned right off of highway 21 onto the Forest Service road Dick had indicated on Davea#39;s map.

Author:K. L. Thompson
Publisher:K.L. Thompson - 2013-01-29


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