Eagle's Gold

Eagle's Gold

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Five days before Germany surrendered to the Russian army, an SS-BridgadefA¼hrer led ten men into the lobby of the Deutsche Reichbank in Berlin and confronted the bank manager. The manager could not comprehend the BridgadefA¼hrer's irregular request when he stated that his men were at the bank to remove the hundreds of gold bars stacked in the vault. With a cocked pistol pressing against his forehead, the manager saw no need to require the BridgadefA¼hrer to produce an official, signed order from a higher authority. Less than three hours later, nearly $66 million in gold bullion was lifted from the vaults and placed in five waiting military trucks; it then vanished into the smoke and rubble of the decimated city. The identities of the enlisted men were never ascertained. Because of his collar and sleeve insignia on his battle smock, only the BridgadefA¼hrer's rank was certain. And because each gold bar bears the stamped eagle and swastika of Nazi Germany, the heista€”so far-fetched that it became an urban legenda€”is referred to as qEagle's Gold, q and not a fleck has been recovered. Where the gold was stashed has never been determined. Until now ...His shaky fingers stab the key into the ignition slot, and he thumbs the Start button. ... Says Sara, grinning up at him, a€œHey, asshole, stay frosty, you gotta turn the switch to On.a€ She turns it for him, Sara being a real team ... The Honda, a CBR900 RR Fireblade with electronic fuel injection and automatic enricher circuits, barks.

Title:Eagle's Gold
Author:Vincent dePaul Lupiano
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-04


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