E-Mail Hacking

E-Mail Hacking

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Hacking e-mail accounts, stealing sensitive data, copying the address book, intercepting data, virus infections, attacks, spoofed messages, abusive e-mails, trojan attacks and espionage are some of the many concerns that have started affecting e-mail users worldwide. E-mails are also commonly being exploited by computer criminals to execute identity attacks on unsuspecting victims. What would you do if somebody broke into your e-mail account and stoleall your sensitive data? What would you do if somebody spoofed your identity and sent e-mails from your account? What would you do if you received abusive e-mails on your account? What would you do if someone broke into your email account and used it to transfer funds out of your bank account? Your e-mail account has become more dangerous than anyone ever imagined! Deriving data from actual research experiments, code analysis, case studies and consumer study, this book will open the reader's eyes to security threats, secrets and loopholes that until now were unnoticed.For example, Yahoo requires users to enter only their birthday, ZIP code and country to reset the e-mail account password. ... forgotten your Yahoo! l0, ycu can retneve 1 by confirming your identity and prov1ding us wtn the alternate email addrass associated with your account. ... to enter the above information, but it also asks users to answer a secret hint question: MSC Hun i* i My MSN l Hulmod | Surtli.

Title:E-Mail Hacking
Author:Ankit Fadia
Publisher:Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd - 2009-11-01


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