E-Commerce Security

E-Commerce Security

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qThis is a very important book . . . mandatory reading for anyone thinking about getting into e-commerce.q-Peter G. Neumann Moderator of the Risks Forum and author of Computer Related Risks The World Wide Web is changing the way the world engages in business. With this paradigm shift comes uncertainty about how secure e-commerce transactions are over an inherently insecure medium-the Internet. Businesses have learned the hard way that there is no qsilver bulletq solution-not encryption, not firewalls, not even secure protocols. Like a chain, the security of e-commerce is only as strong as its weakest link. Written by security expert Anup K. Ghosh, E-Commerce Security highlights the weak links and provides best defenses for individuals and enterprises connected to the Internet. This valuable guide addresses vulnerabilities in four essential components of electronic commerce-the data transport protocol, Web server, Web clients, and the network server operating system. E-Commerce Security: * Exposes the dangers of new Internet innovations in today's Web browsers, including push technology and desktop integration with the Internet * Methodically explains the dangers of active content programs downloaded from Web sites, such as Java applets, ActiveX controls, and JavaScript * Provides a comparison of different secure protocols for e-commerce, including digital cash protocols used in smart cards * Presents security considerations for Web servers, online databases, and server-side application software * Details shortcomings in firewall technology and other host security measures. Visit our website at www.wiley.com/compbooks/ Visit this book's companion website at www.rstcorp.com/EC-security.html.To ensure your NT server machine is not vulnerable to this attack, install Service Pack 3. ... attacks that can bring a machine down, this attack prevents users from accessing and running shared programs such as those found in Microsoft Office.

Title:E-Commerce Security
Author:Anup K. Ghosh
Publisher:Wiley - 1998-02-04


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