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qBlow up all of their electrical power lines! This will cut off their water supply!q was the word from the chief terrorist to his lieutenant in America, so they started with small transfer stations for practice. After the second one was demolished, Ryan Masters asked for a community meeting to seek a way to deter them from disrupting their power. A former marine sergeant suggested a warning device he had experience with, and the community accepted it. Did it work properly, or did the terrorists override it? Was their water supply rendered useless? What other types of attack did the terrorists do to harm American citizens? The answer came directly from the pen of Simmons so you can find out!Reggie went to a horna€”shaped object on the workbench and handed it to Paul saying, a€œThis is a common security alarm horn that l have converted to be ... He drove the jeep with the dexterity of experience due a long time service person.

Author:R. Roy Simmons
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2003


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