Dynamics of Speech Production and Perception

Dynamics of Speech Production and Perception

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The idea that speech is a dynamic process is a tautology: whether from the standpoint of the talker, the listener, or the engineer, speech is an action, a sound, or a signal continuously changing in time. Yet, because phonetics and speech science are offspring of classical phonology, speech has been viewed as a sequence of discrete events-positions of the articulatory apparatus, waveform segments, and phonemes. Although this perspective has been mockingly referred to as qbeads on a stringq, from the time of Henry Sweet's 19th century treatise almost up to our days specialists of speech science and speech technology have continued to conceptualize the speech signal as a sequence of static states interleaved with transitional elements reflecting the quasi-continuous nature of vocal production. This book, a collection of papers of which each looks at speech as a dynamic process and highlights one of its particularities, is dedicated to the memory of Ludmilla Andreevna Chistovich. At the outset, it was planned to be a Chistovich festschrift but, sadly, she passed away a few months before the book went to press. The 24 chapters of this volume testify to the enormous influence that she and her colleagues have had over the four decades since the publication of their 1965 monograph.... of the speechsounds a€“ are estimated using a large speech database recorded from hundreds or thousands of speakers. ... Our automatic phonetic transcription method outperforms the other transcription techniques, including the manual ... Then further transformations are executed on the resulted short-time spectra, such as Mel-filtering, logarithm calculation, DCT, and addition of temporal derivatives.

Title:Dynamics of Speech Production and Perception
Author:P.L. Divenyi, S. Greenberg, G. Meyer
Publisher:IOS Press - 2006-09-20


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