Dying on the Vine

Dying on the Vine

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Dying on the Vine chronicles 150 years of scientific warfare against the grapevinea€™s worst enemy: phylloxera. In a book that is highly relevant for the wine industry today, George Gale describes the biological and economic disaster that unfolded when a tiny, root-sucking insect invaded the south of France in the 1860s, spread throughout Europe, and journeyed across oceans to Africa, South America, Australia, and Californiaa€”laying waste to vineyards wherever it landed. He tells how scientists, viticulturalists, researchers, and others came together to save the worlda€™s vineyards and, with years of observation and research, developed a strategy of resistance. Among other topics, the book discusses phylloxera as an important case study of how one invasive species can colonize new habitats and examines Californiaa€™s past and present problems with it.vines to thrive in all regions of France was an extremely difficult problem to solve. Indeed, by the mid- 1880s most of the research came to focus upon this problem. Second, the scion, the part of the plant that lives aboveground and producesanbsp;...

Title:Dying on the Vine
Author:George D. Gale Jr.
Publisher:Univ of California Press - 2011-07-05


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