Duplicitous Behavior

Duplicitous Behavior

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A small group of men intent upon creating havoc and destruction in America are nearing the target date when they plan to deal a crippling blow to the nation's economy and political leadership. America's ability to survive is at stake. The date for the destruction is fast approaching for the plotters when one of them suddenly dies. A few days in Newport Beach, California sounds enticing to Art Norris when he is asked to represent his university as the executor of a modest estate from a former student. Art has a lingering romantic interest in San Diego that serves as a further incentive to accept the unique assignment. Upon arrival Art finds he has stepped into a perplexing set of inconsistencies that surround the recently deceased benefactor of the university. Suspecting that there could be much more to the estate than is apparent, Norris remains persistent in his attempts to find whatever is missing. He soon discovers he is not alone in the search. Others want the resources of the estate to assist their nefarious activities and their greed. Art revives his romance with Jenna Simmons and inadvertently draws her into the vortex of greed, murder and destruction that surrounds the estate. Art's dedication to his task creates a threat to both of their lives. Agents of the American Government are not unaware of the plot but are working from a different script than that used by the plotters. Subterfuge, self-aggrandizement and duplicity combine to create circumstances that soon will end very badly for Art and Jenna as well as much of America.The four men slowly walked around the van expressing interest in various parts of it as they examined its exterior. They behaved as if they ... There were no markings or identification on the van other than California license plates. The license plates were for a ... stickers, no dealer license plate holder and not even a sticker on the windshield to remind the driver when to change oil. It was a vehicle that wasanbsp;...

Title:Duplicitous Behavior
Author:Ed Strong
Publisher:Author House - 2013-08-16


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