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The kingdom of Dal Raita emerged in Argyll in the early centuries AD, after the Romans had abandoned Scotland. Unlike the Picts to the North and the British Celtic tribes to the South, the rulers of Argyll were Gaelic speakers who had crossed the sea from Ireland. This book describes the results of new excavations at Dunadd, the rocky hill on which these early Scots built a citadel. The authors also review past research at the site, and discuss what we know of Dalriadic society and culture.1 Wheel-thrown pottery 4.2 E ware forms: a type series 4.3 E ware rim showing surface texture 4.4 Taphonomy of imported pottery on Site 3 ... 1 1 Brooch moulds : Type G 4.12 Schematic reconstruction drawing of Dunadd Type G brooches 4.

Author:Alan Lane, Ewan Campbell, Justine Bayley
Publisher:Oxbow Books Limited - 2000


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