DTV Survival Guide

DTV Survival Guide

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Successfully navigate the world of DTV If you want to cut through the rampant hyperbole of digital television, and capitalize on the field's real technical opportunities, qDTV Survival Guideq 's informed, point-by-point analysis of facts vs. falsehoods is a real lifesaver. Written by Jim Boston, a digital TV expert and frequent contributor to qBroadcast Engineeringq magazine, this no-nonsense book is just what you need to overcome the misconceptions. It's packed with the make-or-break information you need to smoothly handle the federally mandated transition from analog to digital broadcasting, in the best interest of your company--and your career. Offering you page after page of assistance with every key--and costly--decision you must make, the Guide gives you: * All the crystal-clear DSP details and cost analyses you need to handle DTV * Tested methods for keeping your stream away from the qerror cliffq * Fail-safe insights into semantic differences among digital languages * Clarifications of key, and often obfuscated, concepts *Pointers on the right technologies for different jobs * Help in making choices that will still work tomorrowThe HDCAM format is from Sony and it is the first portable HD recorder. ... Sony intended this format for the industrial user. ... Track pitch is much less than the professional formats, 10 |xm for standard play and only 7.7 |xm for extended play.

Title:DTV Survival Guide
Author:Jim Boston
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing - 2000


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