Drum Kit Secrets

Drum Kit Secrets

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Modeled on the brilliant approach first formulated by distinguished professor of music and master clarinetist Michele Gingras in Clarinet Secrets and More Clarinet Secrets (both available from Scarecrow Press), the Music Secrets for the Advanced Musician series is designed for instrumentalists, singers, conductors, composers, and other instructors and professionals seeking quick pointers to improve their work as performers and producers of music. Easy to use and intended for the advanced musician, contributions to Music Secrets fill a niche for those who have moved beyond what beginners and intermediate practitioners need. Drum Kit Secrets: 52 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Drummer is an indispensable guide for any drum kit player. Drummer and historian Matt Dean covers a broad range of drum kita€“related subjects to assist drummers already well versed in the instrument to advance and polish their skills for both live and studio performance. Drum Kit Secrets includes topics and tips on how and what to practice; how to develop onea€™s timing and master the metronome; how to prepare for auditions and overcome stage fright; how to stay healthy as a drummer through proper eating, tried-and-true warm-up routines, and correct drum kit set up; how to select and maintain drum equipment; and how to create drum solos and improvise with ease. He also includes tips and tricks for mastering the studio setting, getting the most from onea€™s drum kit, writing quick and easy drum charts, preparing for gigs, marketing oneself as a drummer, and much more. Drum Kit Secrets is the perfect resource for intermediate-level amateurs to working professionals. Dean draws on his many years as teacher and drum professional in this unique compilation of tips and performance strategies for advanced and expert players.Jameson, Timothy, 91, 97, 98 Jones, Elvin, 49, 59 Jones, Rickie-Lee, 15 Jordison , Joey, 18, 59, 66, 143 Korg, 84 Lang, Thomas, ... 94 Metallica, 66 Metronome, 8, 11, 15, 39a€“43, 54, 56, 81, 85 MIDI, 6 Monk, Thelonious, 144 Montello, Dr. Louise, 137, 140 Moongel, 72, 73, 81 Musiciana#39;s Injuries: A Guide to their Understanding and Prevention, 96 The Musiciana#39;s Survival Manual, 96 Nakers, 28 a€œOh Marionanbsp;...

Title:Drum Kit Secrets
Author:Matt Dean
Publisher:Scarecrow Press - 2013-12-05


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