Drug- & Alcohol-Related Health Issues

Drug- & Alcohol-Related Health Issues

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As an adolescent, youa€™ll have to make up your mind about a lot of things. Drugs and alcohol are among the most important. Using chemicals recreationally is a common aspect of many teen parties. No one sets out to become addicted. No one plans on any harmful side effects. But these things do happen. You owe it to yourself to find out the facts about drugs and alcohol. This book will tell you: a€cSome of the reasons why teens choose to start using drugs. a€cHow chemical substances affect your brain. a€cInformation about the a€œgatewaya€ drugsa€”tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and inhalants. a€cThe truth about abusing prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and steroids. a€cThe dangers involved with Ecstasy and other club drugs, as well as heroin. Dona€™t depend on peer pressure to make up your mind. Drugs and alcohol can permanently damage your life. You dona€™t want to be one of the teens who is literally dying for acceptance!Steroids: Arnolds, gym candy, juice, pumpers, stackers, weighttrainers a€c RitalinAr: kibbles and bits, kiddy cocaine, skippy, smarties, vitaminR, pineapple a€c Coricidin HBP Cough aamp; Cold MedicineAr: Triple C, CCC, candy, skittles, red devils a€c Otheranbsp;...

Title:Drug- & Alcohol-Related Health Issues
Author:Joan Esherick
Publisher:Mason Crest - 2014-09-02


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