Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution

Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution

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YOUR GENES ARE TRYING TO KILL YOUa€“ AND YOUa€™RE EATING IT UP! Does losing weight and staying healthy feel like a battle? Well, ita€™s really a war. Your enemies are your own genes, backed by millions of years of evolution, and the only way to win is to outsmart them. Dr. Steven Gundry explains what your body is a€œthinkinga€ and tells you why, surprisingly, your genes actually a€œwanta€ you to be fata€“even sick. Eating many so-called healthy foods gives your body the wrong messages and may activate what Dr. Gundry calls a€œkiller genes, a€ whose purpose is to get rid of you. Now, with his revolutionary ideas, which enabled him to easily lose 70 pounds, you can reprogram your body for the health, life, looks, and longevity you desire! And this is a diet that works equally well for women and men, no matter what their age. Transform yourself with this three-phase plan: a€c The Teardown Phase will train your body to stop storing fat and curb your appetite, which enables you to lose weight while turning off a€œkiller genes.a€ a€c The Restoration Phase gives your genes the resources to make you healthy and strong. a€c The Longevity Phase will allow you to enjoy your new, slim, vibrant body for a good, long time by making your genes protect you from aging. This entirely new way of looking at eating, weight loss, and the aging process teaches you how to manipulate your bodya€™s programming, learn to deactivate a€œkiller genes, a€ and keep disease and aging at bay. Dr. Gundrya€™s Diet Evolution shares the health secrets other doctors wona€™t tell you: a€c Why plants are a€œgooda€ for you because theya€™re a€œbada€ for you and meat is a€œbada€ because ita€™s a€œgooda€ for you a€c Why plateauing on this diet is actually a sign that youa€™re on the right track a€c How to choose micronutrient-rich, a€œcalorie scanta€ foods instead of just a€œlow caloriea€ foods a€c Why artificial sweeteners have the same effects as sugar on your health and your waistline a€c Why taking antacids, statins, and drugs for high blood pressure and arthritis only mask health issues instead of addressing them a€c Why thinning hair and skin tags are two signals that your genes are trying to kill you Along with the meal planner, 70 delicious recipes, and inspirational stories, Dr. Gundrya€™s easy-to-memorize tips will keep you healthy and on course: a€c If ita€™s a€œbeigea€ or a€œwhite, a€ keep it out of sight. a€c If you eat dark a€œgreen, a€ you will become lean. a€c If you eat fake fats, youa€™ll get heart attacks. From the Hardcover edition.And this is a diet that works equally well for women and men, no matter what their age.

Title:Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution
Author:Dr. Steven R. Gundry
Publisher:Harmony - 2008-03-11


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