Don't Waste Money, Spend It!

Don't Waste Money, Spend It!

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Would you be able to walk into your boss's office, say qI quitq and maintain your current lifestyle? If the answer is yes, you should still read my book because who wants to waste money when you can spend it on something that really matters.Was your answer qnoq? If so, get back in there and work your fanny off. But before you do, you need to pick up my book and begin your journey to spending wisely and reducing waste. With my helpful tips, motivational strategies, and money recovery methodologies you can soon be on your way to achieving the power and freedom that you will get from having your very own nest egg.Never even dream about using a credit card that gets you zilch for your dollar spent. If this means suffering with redeeming those tortuous airline miles, still take the darn points. You can always give those miles away to a friend or familyanbsp;...

Title:Don't Waste Money, Spend It!
Author:Lisa Wysocki
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-04


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