Don't Dance with Mary Grace!

Don't Dance with Mary Grace!

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Dona€™t Dance with Mary Grace: This romantic rouse is the continuing saga of the young and seductive Mary Grace Clooney, the Irish game player caught up in her own personal ambitions. Ita€™s 1990. She has already succeeded in becoming a rich American citizen by default... being named an heir to the Bradford Thompson estate. But all does not sit well with the Thompson family members. Fuming over their financial loss, they are bent on revenge... deadly revenge. Will their scheme to get even with Mary Grace succeed? Perhaps. Mary Grace needs help desperately. Her Grandmum Clooney guides her well by spouting Irish wit and Irish warnings. Mary Gracea€™s life takes a few unexpected traumatic turns. This shrewd calculating colleen must find answers. Her shenanigans are clever... but is she to be trusted? Be ever vigilant if you choose to dance with Mary Grace!a€œWhat did you find?a€ a€œI solved your little mystery. This silver rear view mirror came offa 1969 Dodge Charger. See for yourself!a€ said a very proud Zack. a€œLook at the silver beading around the mirror. It matches the picture in the manual exactly.

Title:Don't Dance with Mary Grace!
Author:H. M. Struble
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-07-09


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