Domain Name Disputes

Domain Name Disputes

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Domain Name Disputes provides practical and comprehensive analysis of domain name disputes resolved by U.S. courts or by the ICANN cyber-arbitration system, With this handy reference, you'll find detailed discussions relating to cybersquatting claims, trademark infringement and dilution claims, property disputes and more. Domain Name Disputes also addresses numerous topics relevant to the ownership and use of domain names, such as: the legal status of domain names as qpropertyq - the clash between trademark rights and free-speech rights - the ways a domain name owner may resist a cybersquatting claim - the ways a trademark owner may succeed against a qpassiveq cybersquatter - the consequences of having a strong trademark as opposed to a weak one - the circumstances under which one's use of a domain name may subject its owner to the jurisdiction of a court in another state - the deference a U.S. court gives to an ICANN arbitration decision - the differences between a trademark infringement claim and a cybersquatting claim - and much more.Without citation to any U.S. case law a€” indeed, without any articulated analysis a€” the panel ruled that a#39;a#39;copart.orga#39;a#39; was not identical or a#39;a#39;substantially similara#39;a#39; to the complainanta#39;s trademark a#39;a#39;CI Copart Inc. Salvage Auto Auctions.a#39;a#39; Both parties anbsp;...

Title:Domain Name Disputes
Author:Robert A. Badgley
Publisher:Aspen Publishers Online - 2002-01-01


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