Dollars Per Hour

Dollars Per Hour

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Dollars Per Hour is a work of fiction. No character is based on any real person, place, or thing coexisting in the real world, and there should not be even a limited resemblance to you, your relatives, or anyone you know in any way. None of the calls used in this work were anything anywhere close to real phone calls that happened in the real world. If you are laboring under the false belief that you have been represented as a character in this book, you are entirely wrong in every possible way. The ideas presented in this novel will not make you rich, nor will it make you powerful. Reading this book is not guaranteed to make the reader more attractive to members of the opposite sex. The contents of this book will not give the reader any kind of magickal ability, nor will it elevate them to a higher spiritual plane. Remain calm. Help is on the way.13. Ia#39;ve never figured out why Wednesdays are such bad days. Saturday and Sunday are bad for obvious enough reasons: No one wants to ... isna#39;t open Sunday, so two daya#39;s worth of complaints are rolling in and people are left on hold upwards of half an hour or sometimes more. ... Many people calling on Monday are calling to find out why their phone isna#39;t working when they paid their bill on Friday.

Title:Dollars Per Hour
Author:Paul Juser
Publisher:Paul Juser - 2005-07


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