Dogma II

Dogma II

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For some time , we have been embroiled in wars, political controversy with other nations, and within our nation; conflicts involving human rights, labor laws, immigration, birth rights and a host of other issues, all suggesting there are large problems related to mana€™s relation with other men. At present day these problems are escalating rapidly and with changing metaphors. To date little psychological research has been conducted on the mental evolution of man from the recorded history to the present dismal state of affairs. Because of better communications and ease of travel, the increases in ethnic diversity is rapidly changing the dogma of our evolution and ways of thinking in more ways than modern psychologist have acknowledged or is willing to study in detail. The dogma of our increased diverse thinking is explained. The new found character of women and their changing influence and effect on men and our way of life is explored. Dogma explores these evolutionary changes, seeking factors related to patterns and progressions which have influenced our present ethos. The author gives recommendations for changing our evolving mentality and presents recommendations for changing the present ill-fated path that we are on. Dogma II is the fourth of three other books written by author John V. Patrick: Prelude to Chaos (deconstructing our schools) Exlibris, 2009: Prelude to Disaster (deconstructing our educational system and our society), Publish America, 2011: Dogma, Exlibris, 2013During a recent attempt to make a cash purchase of about $50 at a Home Depot store, I was advised that I could receive a $25 discount if I applied for a Home Depot credit card. Wow! I thought. I applied, proceeded with the application, and anbsp;...

Title:Dogma II
Author:John V. Patrick
Publisher:Page Publishing Inc - 2015-05-07


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