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Dogma is based on beliefs that have established the state of mental evolution of man and is based on his history of mental consciousness. It establishes factors which influenced our present psyche and its progression leading to our present dismal state of affairs. It outlines, projects and recommends future changes in attitudes and conditions which may have profound influences of the future of our planet. More specifically, it recommends changes dictated by a more diverse America, with equally diverse attitudes towards each other, coupled with needed changes in competitive relationships and Christian attitudes of how we relate to each other. Dogma explores the most reflective changes in the path to our future quality of life, liberty and happiness which are reflected by our education systemAnAnAn where the whys, whose and what's of how we educate our people, must be in prime focus to augment realistic progress towards our desired goals. Because of complexities dictated by the psychological research involving diverse people, Dogma recommends that our educational system be changed to a more technically based system capable of better analytical analysis involving multiple and more complicated interactions characteristic of problems of the mind. The contentions of Dogma lay heavily with unexplained life observations and studies coupled with diligent applications of scientific methods to answer the complex questions posed future trends. For example, qWhy do poorer nations display increased dogmatic attitudes than more developed nationsq? And, why do more developed nations acquiesces to and accepts things that are obviously not correct? What are the causes of mass murders, and poor academic performances of minority groups? Why is compromise such a dirty word? The answers cannot be in more incarcerations or more wars. The recommended corrections in dogma are based on solid scientific rational and real life experiences. Therefore, the contentions and recommendations of Dogma are alive and well. And, so is the fact that additional researches on these subjects are necessary and valid for our effective continued evolution.... make a cash purchase of about $50 at a Home Depot store, I was advised that I could receive a $25 discount if I applied for a Home Depot credit card. Wow! I thought. I applied, proceeded with the application, and paid cash for the purchase.

Author:John V. Patrick
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-08


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