Doc Savage: Skull Island

Doc Savage: Skull Island

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Doc Savage returns from his Fortress of Solitude to discover the cold corpse of King Kong lying on his doorstep. He stuns his men when he reveals that he knows this creature. The story of how Doc Savage first ventured to Skull Island back in 1920 comprises this epic adventure of how Doc Savage first became the Man of Bronze!a€œIt is a line of attack, a€ agreed Doc, a€œif a thin one.a€ A silvery eyebrow cocked ... One finger moved over the map, as if feeling for something. a€œI would sail westerly along ... No sheltering harbors or coves to flee into, either. Leagues of open water anbsp;...

Title:Doc Savage: Skull Island
Author:Will Murray
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-08-11


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