Distant Vision

Distant Vision

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Distant Vision is the second book of the Drake Simo series. Ita€™s summertime in Skyview and the unemployed and distractible Drake Simoa€”laid-off teacher, ex-bicycle racer, technophobea€”has time on his hands. A five hundred dollar reward motivates him to investigate a burglary at the Skyview Natural Food Company because like, duh, hea€™s broke. Porno peddlers, warped family members, embezzlers, and addicted computer gamers help derail his investigation. Rastan grinned. qMore or less. If my computer sales are slow, I tool down to Van Nuys and do some bartering. The porno industry likes computers. And therea€™s a huge market for porno films.q Drake rolled his bike back and forth beneath him. qAlong with Internet porn.q Rastan jabbed a finger toward Drake. qYou know it, bro. Porn is huge. Big, big money. And, Van Nuys is known as the Silicone Valley.q qSilicone Valley?q qExactly. The heart of the beast, q Rastan flicked the ash off his cigarette and inhaled. qSay, how do you know about Internet porn if you dona€™t own a computer?q qIta€™s a long story.q qI bet, q Rastan exhaled. qAnyway, the Internet is the next big market for porn flicks. Limitless possibilities. Live cams in dorms. Merging medias. Thata€™s why they want my hardware.q qSounds uh, q Drake looked at St. Matthews. qEnterprising.q qYeah. Whatever, dude. Listen, porno and the Internet keep merging together. And the technology keeps improving. I have some stuff back there thata€™s totally cutting edge. DVD-ROM compatible.q qWow, q Drake rubbed his eyes and yawned. qTry this. Sex scenes from eight different camera angles. VR technology. Multiple screens.q Drake didna€™t know what to say. He remembered the former chairman of the English Department at Pedro Beach High and his porno web site that featured teenagea€”Rastana#39;s Ford Explorer was again in the parka#39;s blufftop parking lot. Drake rolled up to it and ... It was locked. a€œHey bro. Whata#39;s up?a€ A voice yelled from the darkness at the edge of the bluff. Rastan trotted toward the Explorer. A roll of toilet paperanbsp;...

Title:Distant Vision
Author:Dan Wesolowski
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2001-09-26


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