Dissecting the Serpent

Dissecting the Serpent

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Have you ever been the victim of a con artist? It seems as though every day we hear of increasingly clever schemes used to bilk people out of their money. It isna€™t always new cons, either; tried and true schemes are used time and again. Author Rick Shoemaker and his church fell victim to a scheme concocted by two con artists during the Christmas season. And while these criminals scammed churches across the country of more than $250, 000, they are not the biggest con artists at work today. In Dissecting the Serpent: Exposing Twenty-One of the Devila€™s Most Destructive Devices, Shoemaker tells you how to recognize the work of the ultimate con artista€”the Devil. You can learn what is necessary to ward off each of his most frequently used attacks. Whata€™s more, if you have already fallen victim to Satana€™s traps, Shoemaker teaches you how to break free and return to life in Christ. Dissecting the Serpent offers a biblical investigation into the arsenal the Devil has devised for your destruction. You can have the strength and tools needed to fight back and return to a life of hope.She carefully followed the instructions to grow a healthy crop, but two days after planting, she was disturbed to find that two of the plants had ... Two well-fed rabbits were treating themselves to an early morning breakfast at our expense.

Title:Dissecting the Serpent
Author:Rick Shoemaker
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2012-12-01


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