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'Disknowledge': knowing something isn't true, but believing it anyway. In this book, Katherine Eggert explores the crumbling state of learning in the 16th and 17th centuries. Even as the shortcomings of Renaissance humanism became plain to see, many intellectuals of the age had little choice but to treat their familiar knowledge systems as though they still held. Humanism thus came to share the status of alchemy: a way of thinking simultaneously productive and suspect, reasonable and wrongheaded.a€œThere are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, a€ says Hamlet to his friend, a€œ Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.a€1 On the face of ... The question then becomes, though, how you are to think at all. One ... Certainly thinking has gotten no one anywhere so far in act 1. The watch ... it answers, Hamlet recommends to the other men that they suppress any desire for knowledge they may have. a€œFor youranbsp;...

Author:Katherine Eggert
Publisher:University of Pennsylvania Press - 2015-10-02


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