Dinosaur Discovery Dot-To-Dot

Dinosaur Discovery Dot-To-Dot

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Children who love these fabulous creatures (and what child doesn't?) will be delighted to find more than just the same old dinosaurs in this collection of over 74 dot-to-dot activity puzzles...Instead of just the usual Diplodocus, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus, there are so many other extraordinary creatures waiting for you to discover, including: - Achelousaurus - Bambiraptor - Cedarosaurus - Draconyx - Eotyrannus - Fukuiraptor - Gojirasaurus - Hesperasaurus - Ilokelsia - Jeholopterus - Lurdusaurus - Mymoorapelta - Nigersaurus - Protohadros - Quilmesaurus - Rapetosaurus - Sauroposeidon - Wellnhoferia - Zhejiangopterus - Each dinosaur's page of facts includes - how to pronounce its name - meaning of name - when it was named - when it lived - where it lived - its size and weight - related animals - Guaranteed to appeal to all boys and girls fascinated by dinosaurs. Art activities combining fun with learning: each spread features real hard facts and information about the natural world.Paleontologists are learning how to look for tiny bones and are finding lots of new small dinosaurs. Paleontologists are also learning a lot of new ... When you are done, you can color in your new pictures. Since no one knows what colors these anbsp;...

Title:Dinosaur Discovery Dot-To-Dot
Author:Jerald D. Harris
Publisher:Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. - 2004-02-01


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