Digital Systems

Digital Systems

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Logic FamiliesParameter definitions-noise margin, power dissipation, voltage and current parameters, propagation delay. Typical values for TTL, CMOS a ECL. Input/output profile for TTL a CMOS TTL logic families-standard TTL, Totem-poll, open collector, tri-state (concept a application). Significance of TTL sub families (L, H, LS, S) a MOS family-importance of (C, HC), PMOS, NMOS (inverter only), CMOS (inverter, AND a NOR).TTL-CMOS/CMOS-TTL interfacing, comparison of TTL a CMOS TTL compatible high speed CMOS series.Combinational Logic Circuits(a) Binary number system - Signed number representation (1 s, 2 s complement a sign magnitude representation).Codes - BCD, GRAY, Seven Segment.Principles of combinational logic : Canonical forms don t care conditions, Minimization techniques (K-maps upto 4 variables only). Quine-Mc Cluskey method (4 variables).Design examples - code converters (binary to gray and gray to binary, BCD to 7 segment IC 7447, 7448)(b) Digital comparators (2-bit, 4-bit using IC 7485), parity generation and checking (IC 74180).Design methodology using MSI ICs. Multiplexer, Demultiplexer (Trees), multivariable function implementation using MUX and decoder. Parallel adder (IC 7483). Look ahead carry generator, arithmetic logic unit (IC 74181).Programmable Logic Devices : Detail architecture, study of PROM, PAL, PLA, designing combinational circuits using PLDs.(Code conversion)Sequential logic circuitStudy of flip-flop, 1 bit latch, clocked S-R, J-K, M/S J-K, T and D F/F, race around condition, flip-flop truthtable, excitation table, flip-flop conversion, flip-flop characteristics.Design of ripple counter using flip-flop (IC 7490, 93) 4 bit up/down (positive negative edge triggered).Shift register (modes of operation), 4 bit bi-directional using D/J-K universal shift registers, application of shift registers (Ring counter, Sequence generator, Johnson s counter) IC 7495/74195.Synchronous sequential m/c sDesign of Synchronous counter using IC 74191, 4 bit up/down mod-n counters. Moore/Mealy m/c s, representation techniques, state diagrams, state tables, state reduction, state assignment, implementation using flip-flops. Applications like sequence generator and detection.A/D and D/A convertersDigital to Analog converters, example of D/A converter IC. Analog to Digital converters, example of A/D converter.Semiconductor memoriesMemory organization and operation, expanding memory size, classification and characteristics of memory, RAM, ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, NVRAM, SRAM, DRAM.PMOS and NMOS digital ICs are economical than CMOS ICs because they have greater packing density than CMOS. ... NMOS. In this section we will see some basic NMOS logic circuits. 1.6.1 NMOS Inverter Fig. 1.33 shows the basic NMOS anbsp;...

Title:Digital Systems
Author:D.A.Godse A.P.Godse
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2005-06-01


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