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Special Features: Features from the First edition1. Fundamental DSP concepts explained with plenty of diagrams and illustrations.2. No prior knowledge of the subject is assumed.3. Although the book makes the subject easy to understand, it preserves the precision of conceptual details.4. Concepts in other areas such as communication systems, control systems are repeated here for reference wherever required.5. Experiments for signals like speech, explained with diagrams and graphs, help better visualization of DSP applications in real world.6. Inter-relationship amongst various transformation techniques like FT, ZT and LT and their mapping with each other is explored.7. Appendix containing table of Z transforms.New features in the Second edition1. Four new chapters on multirate DSP; DCT, DST, KL transforms; wavelet transform and DSP processors are included.2. Additional MATLAB programs with outputs included in chapters.3. Frequently asked questions for oral as well as theory examinations with answers and reference pointers.4. Index containing keywords and their page references.5. Excellent pedagogy and student-friendly format having:A¼ 110+ solved problems and illustrative examples.A¼ 210+ illustrations and line diagrams.A¼ 280+ practice problems and review questions.A¼ 120+ objective questions.A¼ 40+ frequently asked questions with answers for practical examinations.A¼ 50+ frequently asked questions with reference pointers for theory examinations.Companion CD containsA¼ Laboratory manual with 19 experiments explained in detail using MATLAB programs and graphs.A¼ Various problems solved using MATLAB programs and their results represented in form of graphs. About The Book: This book is designed to provide in-depth understanding of DSP and serves as a textbook for undergraduate studies. Although preliminary knowledge of linear systems and Laplace transforms is assumed, a wide variety of well-designed solved problems are included to help the reader master the subject. The book gives concrete examples to illustrate the concepts. For better visualization, MATLAB programs with outputs and the graphical interpretation of their results have been included in the text.The second edition enhances the features of the first edition and serves as a complete package targeting both theory as well as practical examinations. This edition comes with a companion CD that contains the laboratory manual of the previous edition along with MATLAB programs for experiments and some chapters to help the reader understand the practical implementation of the subject. Additional topics build up the reader's awareness and widen the coverage area of DSP.About The Book: This book is designed to provide in-depth understanding of DSP and serves as a textbook for undergraduate studies.

Author:Dr. Shaila D. Apte
Publisher: - 2009-09-01


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