Digital Photography for Science

Digital Photography for Science

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The scientific photography of small subjects encompasses the domains of close-up photography, macrophotography and photomacrography, and is a primary documentation tool in many research fields. This book concentrates on the choice and practical use of digital cameras, lenses and related equipment of types commonly available at research institutions and museums. The described techniques are suitable for subject sizes between approximately half a millimeter and half a meter, and differ from those used in general photography and microscopy. The intended audience of this book includes professional scientific photographers, scientists and students who need to carry out photography in support of their own research or as part-time scientific photographers at a research institution, and advanced amateur photographers who wish to master these techniques.If parallax is to be entirely eliminated, telecentric lenses can be used (section 10.4). ... This section discusses problems inherent in digital cameras, and likely to affect image quality in a variety of ways. ... also in new cameras, while a few arise during the lifetime of a camera, and may require the camera to be repaired oranbsp;...

Title:Digital Photography for Science
Author:Enrico Savazzi - 2010-12


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