Digital Mayhem 3D Landscape Techniques

Digital Mayhem 3D Landscape Techniques

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Compiled by Duncan Evans, founder and inspiration behind 3DArtist Magazine. The Masters at Work titles will offer digital inspiration with hands-on insight and techniques from professional digital artists. More than just a gallery book - each artist has written a breakdown overview, with supporting imagery of how they made their piece of work. Start your mentorship into the world of digital art today with some of the greatest digital artists in the world and delve into professional techiques. We are asking you to comment on the series itself and then the first title in the series. The first title in the series will focus on 3D Landscapes. You will be able to develop your landscape and background skills beyond the variety of free online tutorials and apply the most up to date techniques, like colour and contrast enhancements, sharpening, composition, lighting and more! Expand your digital canvas to include a variety of new software tools with Masters at Work: 3D Landscapes. There will be a supporting website with source files, downloadable content and artist tutorials, demonstrating key techniques of some of the greatest digital artists.The Gravel material used Diffuse Map: 100, Reflect: 03, Bump Map/ Normal Bump: 12 and Vray Displacement to model: 1a€. ... Also, the Raw Vray Global Illumination channel tab under Render Elements in the settings was tweaked to improveanbsp;...

Title:Digital Mayhem 3D Landscape Techniques
Author:Duncan Evans
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-08-21


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