Digital Fundamentals with VHDL

Digital Fundamentals with VHDL

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Adapted from Floyd's best-selling Digital Fundamentalsa€”widely recognized as the authority in digital electronicsa€”this book also applies basic VHDL concepts to the description of logic circuits. It introduces digital logic concepts and functions in the same way as the original book, but with an emphasis on PLDs rather than fixed-function logic devices.Reflects the trend away from fixed-function logic devices with an emphasis on CPLDs and FPGAs, while offering coverage of fixed-function logic for reference. Presents VHDL as a tool for implementing the digital logic in programmable logic devices. Offers complete, up-to-date coverage, from the basic digital logic concepts to the latest in digital signal processing. Emphasizes applications and troubleshooting. Provides Digital System Applications in most chapters, illustrating how basic logic functions can be applied in real-world situations; many use VHDL to implement a system. Provides many examples with related problems. Includes ample illustrations throughout.A solid introduction to digital systems and programming in VHDL for design engineers or software engineers.If you have used Digital Fundamentals successfully but now need coverage of VHDL and PLDs coordinated with the basic logic fundamentals, this is the text for you, aquot;Digital Fundamentals with VHDLaquot; provides complete, up-to-date coverage from ...

Title:Digital Fundamentals with VHDL
Author:Thomas L. Floyd
Publisher:Pearson College Division - 2003


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