Digital Exhaust

Digital Exhaust

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Will qBig Dataq supercharge the economy, tyrannize us, or both? Data Exhaust is the definitive primer for everyone who wants to understand all the implications of Big Data, digitally driven innovation, and the accelerating Internet Economy. Renowned digital expert Dale Neef clearly explains: What Big Data really is, and what's new and different about it How Big Data works, and what you need to know about Big Data technologies Where the data is coming from: how Big Data integrates sources ranging from social media to machine sensors, smartphones to financial transactions How companies use Big Data analytics to gain a more nuanced, accurate picture of their customers, their own performance, and the newest trends How governments and individual citizens can also benefit from Big Data How to overcome obstacles to success with Big Data a€“ including poor data that can magnify human error A realistic assessment of Big Data threats to employment and personal privacy, now and in the future Neef places the Big Data phenomenon where it belongs: in the context of the broader global shift to the Internet economy, with all that implies. By doing so, he helps businesses plan Big Data strategy more effectively a€“ and helps citizens and policymakers identify sensible policies for preventing its misuse. By conservative estimate, the global Big Data market will soar past $50 billion by 2018. But those direct expenses represent just the qtip of the icebergq when it comes to Big Data's impact. Big Data is now of acute strategic interest for every organization that aims to succeed a€“ and it is equally important to everyone else. Whoever you are, Data Exhaust tells you exactly what you need to know about Big Data a€“ and what to do about it, too.... and Armitage, Hugh, a€œXbox One to Monitor TV Viewing, Content Watched, Numbers of Viewers, a€ DigitalSpy, May 24, 2013, ... Chapter4. 1. a€œ WorldwideSmartphoneShipmentsTopOneBillionUnitsfortheFirst Time, a€ IDC Press Release, January 27, 2014, ... Peterson, Tim, a€œ DidApplea#39;s a#39;Spotlighta#39; Update JustSideline Google Search Ads?, a€ AdAge, June 2, 2014, anbsp;...

Title:Digital Exhaust
Author:Dale Neef
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2014-11-05


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