Digital Electronics Practice Using Integrated Circuits

Digital Electronics Practice Using Integrated Circuits

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With the advent of integrated circuit technology, the importance and usefulness of digital electronics has vastly increased. The size, cost and power dissipation have been reduced in the ratio of 2, 000:1 and the performance, reliability and efficiency of equipment increased tremendously. This book gives a basic concept of digital techniques and then introduces simple function to complex functions. It uses SSI and MSI, TTL ICs of the most commonly available 54/74 series. The book will be useful to students of electronics and computer technology, as well as to practicing engineers and technicians.10.1 AIM To study digital comparator circuits. ... From the truth table we note the following: (i) when both the inputs A and B are same (Oa#39;s or 1a#39;s), the output is 0; and (ii) when ... Figure 10.1 gives the circuit diagram of a 1-bit digital comparator.

Title:Digital Electronics Practice Using Integrated Circuits
Author:R. P. Jain, M. M. S. Anand
Publisher:Tata McGraw-Hill Education - 1983


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