Diesel Engine Engineering 2

Diesel Engine Engineering 2

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Revised and extended, this new edition provides the foundation for diesel engines design, based on traditional methods in thermodynamics, dynamics, structural analysis, chemistry, heat transfer, and applied analysis of system operation. It also offers additional material and examples for the calculation of combustion process, thermal efficiency, heat release, NOx emissions, and diesel turbocharging. Diesel Engine Engineering-2nd Edition demonstrates details of diesel engine performance with graphs and schematic diagrams, illustrates the characteristics and modes of diesel engine operation, describes the analytical models for calculation of thermodynamics parameters, in-cylinder cycles and emissions, discusses how various design factors affect engine performance, efficiency, emissions, the system reliability, offering correct techniques to improve performance, stability, and endurance.... CHAPTER 2: DIESEL ENGINE TURBOCHARGING Introduction Compressor processes Air mass flow rate Pressure ratios and ... DIESEL ENGINE DYNAMICS Introduction Cylinder pressure Calculation of mean indicated pressure based on indicator diagram ... and cylinder liner Cylinder head Piston Piston pin Piston rings Connecting rod Connecting rod bolts Crankshaft.

Title:Diesel Engine Engineering 2
Author:Andrei Makartchouk
Publisher:Andrei Makartchouk - 2011-03-24


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